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Why Isn't It Cheaper To Buy A New Tub?

Please compare one or more estimates which reflect the total cost of the installation of a new tub with our price for reglazing it. Make sure your estimates include all plumbing costs for labor and fixtures as well as the cost for replacing wall and floor tile damaged in the removal of the old tub. Our price for an average tub is under $30, and we complete our work in less than a day instead of many weeks. In most cases we can save you around 90% of the cost of replacing the tub.

What Can I Do To Get The Shine Back On My Tub?

If you have attempted to clean the tub with normal household cleaners and the tub is still dull or dirty in appearance there is probably nothing you can do to restore the shine. The original finish (glaze) has become worn leaving the pores exposed to absorb the dirt and chemical stains. Unfortunately, the more one scrubs, the worse the situation becomes. A new finish or new tub is the answer.

Just What Is The Glaze, Is It Real Porcelain?

No, it's not actually porcelain. It is synthetic, which when applied hardens to a beautiful high-gloss porcelain like finish. Our Formula is a carefully guarded and patented secret. You cannot buy our material anywhere else (e.g. The Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) The important thing is that it works!

How Long Does It Take To Reglaze My Tub?

Normally, between 6 and 7 hours. All work is done in the tub area and there is no mess for you to clean up. Most of the time is spent conditioning the old tub. Various chemicals are used and some filling may be required, however, all work is done the same day.

How Long Before I Can Use My Tub Again?

You may use your tub in 3 days. The new finish will continue to cure (harden) for several months. However, this poses no real threat to normal usage of your newly reglazed tub.

Do You Change Any Of The Plumbing Fixtures?

No, plumbing problems (leaks, broken fixtures, etc.) must be resolved before we are scheduled.

In Remodeling My Bathroom/Kitchen Should I Have My Tub/Sink Reglazed First?

No, do all other work first such as tilework, painting, new sink and toilet, etc. Call us last, since our garauntee does not cover paint spills, dropped tools or other accidents which could damage the newly reglazed finish.

Can't I Just Turn Off The Water To The Bathroom Instead Of Fixing The Leaky Faucets Now?

No, our technician needs water to flush the chemicals down the drain. Get the leak repaired , then schedule us.

My Tub Is Not Connected, Can You Reglaze It In My Yard Or Garage?

No, the dirt, dust and particles in the outside air pose a problem to the fresh coating prior to the curing stage. You will be happier if you connect the tub, then call us.

Can You Just Do The Bottom Of My Tub?

No, because in reglazing the idea is to start and end the process outside the water area. This prevents the possibility of water seeping under the new glaze.

Are There Any Bad Odors From The Process?

Not really, most of the fumes will be exhausted outside of the home.

Will It Look Like A New Tub?


How Long Will The New Reglazed Finish Last?

Since everything is relative, with normal care and proper cleaning your new finish will last for many years. Peeling or flaking seems to be the concern of most. This condition is caused by trapping moisture under the glaze during the process and if present will occur within 30 to 90 days after reglazing. Our garauntee provides protection from this.

How Long Is Your Warranty?

5 Years for Tubs.

How Do I Care For My Reglazed Surface?

See the tab above Cleaning and Maintenance for more information.

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