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Your Surface Has Been Specially Reglazed With Kott Koatings Porcelain Glazes.
It Will Remain New And Shiny If You Follow These Instructions For Cleaning:
  • Rinse Tub After Each Use To Eliminate Soap Build-Up
  • Do Not Leave Soap Or Shampoo On Any Tub Surface (Use Only Soap Holders)
  • Do Not Use Rubber Bath Tub Mats
  • Clean Tub And Surrounding Tile Area Two To Four Times A Month
  • Acceptable Cleaners:
                                                           -Bon Ami
                                                           -Dow Tub & Tile Cleaner
                                                           -Fiber Klean (Only Sold By Us)
                                                           -Ivory/Joy Dishwashing Liquid
                                                           -Liquid Comet
                                                           -Lysol Tub Cleaner
                                                           -Soft Scrub (Without Bleach)
                                                           -Spic & Span
                                                           -Scrub Free
  • Do Not Use Abrasive Acid Or Bleach Based Cleaners
        The Following Are Not To Be Used:
                                                           -Acid Based Cleaners
                                                           -Bleach, Or Bleach-Based Cleaners
                                                           -Comet (Powder)
                                                           -Lime Away
                                                           -Shower Power
                                                           -Tough Act
  • Do Not Use Chemical Drain Opener If Tub Drain Becomes Clogged (Use A Mechanical Snake)
  • Do Not Use Calgon Bath Crystals Or Any Other Crystals Containing Dye
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